BALI Award 2018

The garden wraps around a large contemporary house that has white rendered walls and tiled floors inside. The ceiling are high with a fantastic inner hallway. However, my client grew up with country garden flowers and a Mum who loved gardening, propagating and growign things from seed. The idea of a contemporary garden - with stainless steel water features - didn't appeal. We all liked the pale coloured stone and this was laid in a contemporary style of 600 bands and random widths. However, my client wanted to share the garden with others and dreamt of a long oak pergola with wide paths. She also wanted a summerhouse and vegetable garden. We designed the pergola in 125mm oak with climbing roses scrambling up the posts. It's taken around three years for them to really get going, and we used Rambling Rector, Wedding Day and Kiftsgate - a real thug that will soon take over. We separated the kitchen garden and summerhouse with further oak posts and cross members. The planting beds are wide and the paths meander through the garden. We planted upright yew columns for punctuation, and large sweeps of hydrangea for later autumn colour. The client has help to maintain the garden but the deadheading certainly pays off as the garden looks great for months at a time. The rosa, Queen of Sweden, flowers repeatedly and the pink goes well with all the other colours in the garden. The vegetable patch is well used and the client particularly wanted a veranda where she could sit - at an elevated level - and oversee the garden. This idea worked really well and the veranda was constructed off-site by an oak specialist.

The client said: We love our contemporary house but Rachel longed for a cottage garden. Our terrace seemed too small to house our furniture and the lawn was always wet underfoot. Louisa designed a larger terrace and recommended removing some of the larger trees that cast shade over the garden. After our initial shock at these drastic proposals, we became excited at the thought of having a proper garden and began to embrace the changes. We felt part of the whole process with Louisa's regular site visits and work in progress reports explaining each part of our project. Now, we've been outside at every opportunity.

Design and Project Management: Louisa Bell

Landscape contractor: Esse Landscapes

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