The terrace with planters and steps
The planting holes on the terrace ready for the trees
The pool surrounded by meadow planting
Planters back the deckchairs to capture the warmth of the sun
BALI Award 2021

The garden required planning from both the South Downs Authority and Mid-Sussex authority, and the pool sat in both jurisdictions! The meadow is surrounded by indigenous trees which houses a family of deer. We planted with 'deer-resistant' planting. Sadly, there's no such thing as deer proof. By choosing things like Echinacea - with rough stems - Rosa Rugosa, Anemones, Salvias and Achillea we managed to dissuade them. Taking down the old rotten deck, we created a seating terrace with steps down to the pool at a lower level. The meadow planting extends right to the edge of the lower terrace. Planning was granted as this feature, of looking over the top of the pool and beyond, meant minimal impact to the landscape.


Design and Project Management: Louisa Bell

Pool: Bell Leisure

Landscape Construction: Esse Landscapes

Plants: Palmstead Nurseries

Trees: Barcham Trees

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